Fix Unable to Connect with Internet Roku Problem – How To

What’s going on guys, so this article is for everyone that’s having an issue connecting to your internet connection to your Wi-Fi on your Roku.

I was connected to internet fine for Roku for a while, and then one day it just stopped, and I wasn’t able to connect. But today, I wasn’t having that. So what I did was I unplugged my Roku and plugged it into a TV closer to my router. And I just hooked up the internet again, just turned on my Roku with that TV. Like I said reconnected to the internet and I was able to connect. And then I brought it back to my other TV further away from my router, and it maintained the connection. So I was really surprised that that worked.

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There was also another way that I know other people use, which is a sequence of buttons on their remote.
And what they would do was, press the home button about five times, and then bring, and then hit this button boom boom boom boom. So what you want to do is just press this a bunch of times, and then go like that, then it brings up a menu here.

And you want to go up. Click on system operations menu and click on disable network pings, that’s what I did. And just unplugged it took it to another TV.

That was it. So if this article helps you guys, you should try it out guys, it worked. But if this article helps.

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