TCL Roku TV/Soundbar not working ARC No Sound

  1. I was having problems connecting my new LG sound bar.
  2. Through arc to my TCL Roku TV.
  3. When I hooked up the HDMI cable everything seemed to be working fine it was communicating with the soundbar, you could use the Roku remote chime using here.
  4. To change the volume level but no sound was coming out.
  5. A lot of people when they had this problem said you needed to go to System control other devices. And check this, make sure this box was checked and a lot of people that would not check it checked automatically for me when I plugged it in. I checked it on and off and that didn’t seem to fix it, but if you turn it off the TV speakers will start working and.
  6. So what I had to do was actually go back to in the settings, and down to audio.
  7. And this was automatically set to auto detect. I set it to PCM stereo. And my sound bar worked.
  8. And that’s just in the settings from your home screen.
  9. So hopefully that works and solves a problem for you if you’re having the same issue.

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