Roku Troubleshooting | No display on TV | Fix Now

Don’t see a picture on your TV after connecting your Roku player. First, make sure you’re powered up by looking here. If this light is on, make sure your TV’s tuned to the correct video input source. Look for a button on your TV remote labeled source input box, or something similar. We’ll go through the options giving a second or two for each input. Still nothing. Let’s make sure your video cables are firmly connected both to your Roku player, and your TV.

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If you’re getting a streaming stick, make sure it’s seated firmly into your TV’s HDMI input. If you do not see a power light on your Roku player. Make sure of these three things. One, that you’re using the Roku power adapter that came with your Roku player to that the power cord is firmly connected to your Roku player or streaming stick. And three, that the cord is plugged into a working in Wall power outlet. Now, check your TV and see if there’s a picture. Still no video. Try the Roku player on a different TV. Once you see a picture you should be all set and ready to stream for additional troubleshooting tips on how to optimize your wireless network and more, visit

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