How to use Volume Modes for better sound on Roku devices?

Your Roku player comes with a built in feature to automatically control the volume level of content to change your volume mode setting, start the movie or TV show you want to watch. Using your Roku remote, press the star button here, you’ll see the option for people navigate down to it and use the left and right arrows to select the mode you want off mean sound is on modified leveling evens out the volume across different types of entertainment so you don’t have to change the volume, every time you switch channels or commercial comes on night raises the level of soft sounds like whispering, while the volume of loud sounds like explosions is kept below a threshold, making it easier to hear your TV at night without disrupting others on some streaming channels, the star button is assigned a different function, meaning it won’t take you to the volume mode menu to get around this, you can always launch the Roku channel, and follow the steps already described your setting change will be saved. And you can then return to the other channel you wish to view. We hope you enjoyed this feature and Remember if you need any further help, please visit

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