How to set up the Roku Wireless Subwoofer?

Are you ready for entertainment you can feel? Let’s get started. In this article, we’ll go over what came in the box where to place your subwoofer, and how to pair it.

Before we start, let’s make sure you’re setting up your wireless subwoofer with a Roku smart sound bar or a Roku TV with rocchi wireless speakers paired Roka wireless subwoofers only work with Roku smart sound bars or Roku TV wireless speakers already connected. If you have one of these audio products, you’ll want to set it up first before pairing your subwoofer. Okay, let’s begin. If you haven’t already done so, carefully take everything out of the box. Before you use the cardboard color to lift your subwoofer out of the box. In the box, you’ll find the subwoofer, along with its power cable and a quick start guide.

  1. For this article, we’re going to place a subwoofer next to the couch, but you can place it anywhere up to 30 feet from your TV, wherever you place your subwoofer. Just keep in mind, you’ll need a nearby power outlet or an extension cord, if there isn’t an outlet close to your desired location.
  2. Once you’ve decided where to put it connect the included power cable to the subwoofer. Then plug the other end into a wall outlet or extension cord.
  3. As your subwoofer hours on look for a flashing light on the back, letting you know it’s ready to pair.
  4. Next, make sure your TV is powered on, along with your Roku smart soundbar if you have one. If you have a Roku TV or smart soundbar ensure that it’s connected to the internet and has the latest software version. If you need help checking this visit the link below. Ready to go. Using your Roku remote press and hold the home button for five seconds, and then select subwoofer.
  5. You’ll see progress on screen as your Roku TV or Roku smart soundbar moves through the setup process automatically. It begins by searching for the subwoofer.
  6. When found the subwoofer begins pairing, which may take a few moments when pairing finishes the subwoofer may need a software update to ensure you can enjoy all the latest features. If an update is needed. This may take a few more moments. Once the update is complete, you’ll tear down from your subwoofer just confirm you heard the sound, and you’re good to go.

If you don’t hear sound, select know, and follow the onscreen troubleshooting steps, or visit go to And that’s it. From now on, everything you watch or listen to will benefit from the deep, rich base of Roku wireless subwoofer sure to check out our Roku audio FAQs to learn how to change your sound settings stream via Bluetooth use voice commands for music, and more happy streaming.

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