How To Personalize your Roku Home Screen?

Hey everyone, let’s make your next streaming experience a bit more you with a few tips for personalizing your Roku Home Screen experience.

  • Did you know you could organize the channels on your home screen, select the channel you want to move?
  • Tap the star button on your remote and select move channel from the options menu. Use the directional pad to easily Place your favorite channels, front and center on your home screen.
  • Have a Roku TV. If so, you can also move or rename the TV and put tiles on your.
  • Just select the tile.
  • Press the star button and choose rename and put from the menu. You can even enter a custom name.
  • Change the placement, follow the same easy steps as moving the channel,
  • Give your home screen a fresh new look, by changing the theme on your Roku streaming device. There are two ways you can change the background of your home screen. First thing go to themes under settings there select themes and choose from a variety of fillable.
  • And second, you can go to the Channel Store. Select streaming channels from the main menu, then choose the themes category, browse the selection of free and paid themes and select one you like.
  • Simply click to install, and then choose satisfying.

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