How to pair a Bluetooth device to Roku TV Wireless Speakers?

Music podcast or other audio from your mobile device on your Roku TV wireless speakers with simple Bluetooth. In just a few steps to begin pairing.

  • Go to the settings menu and select remotes and devices. Next, select pair new device. Scroll down to Bluetooth device and press OK.
  • From your mobile device, open Bluetooth settings to select your Roku TV model. Pairing may take 30 seconds or more, your Roku TV and mobile device will confirm when pairing is complete.
  • Next, you’ll be asked to launch the Bluetooth channel on your Roku to select Yes to launch the channel. You’re now ready to play audio from your phone on your wireless speakers.
  • Once you’ve successfully paired your phone to your Roku TV, you can easily stream audio from your mobile device at any time. Simply select and play the audio on your phone. And if you’re within range and connected to your Roku TV, the sound will play through your Roku TV wireless speakers, whether your TV display is on or, if you prefer not to have the Bluetooth channel automatically launched.
  • Open the channel and press the star button on your remote. Scroll to Bluetooth auto-play and select off. Note that when auto-play is on, you must launch the Bluetooth channel on your Roku TV, every time you’d like to stream audio from your mobile device. You can also use the Roku TV, VOICE remote or Roku touch tabletop remote and say, launch Bluetooth to open the channel using your voice. If you’d like to enjoy Bluetooth audio with your TV display off. First make sure fast TV start is enabled on your TV. Do this by going to settings, system, power, and selecting fast TV star.
  • Now, when using the Bluetooth channel, simply press the star button on your remote. Scroll down and select turn off display, whenever you want to turn the display.
  • Press power at any time to turn the TV display back on. And that’s it. It’s easy to use Bluetooth to pair your Roku TV and wireless speakers with your mobile device. So you can enjoy your audio with crisp, clear sound.

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