How to change the resolution on Roku – Step by Step

We are going to show you how to change the resolution on your Roku. Now, the reason that I do this is when you have the USB plugged into the TV in your turn TV off and turn it back on. What happens is it doesn’t pick up the input. So what I’ve had to do, is I had to plug it into the power. ointment and put a power brick plug in there, and then change the resolution and then plug it into TV. Now, you won’t need to have this problem. It’s because my son a true 4k TV, but we’ll show you how to fix this sort of issue. So if you plug you’re Roku in and nothing’s coming up.

  • This is what you need to suck. You can have it on the order one, but you can put it on what you think would run on your TV now. Currently, I’m running just 4k at 60.
  • So if you want to go to 720, just click this.
  • And then, good. So now when you plug it into your TV, and turn it off and turn it on. It’s not going to give you a blank screen.
  • For some reason my TV. I don’t know why. Tell me if you guys. If you’re TV did this too. So when you plug your Roku in with the USB port into TV.

Did you get anything come up so what I had to do to fix it is plugging the Roku sticking their head at the power go down to the power brick, and then change the settings so we’ll just have it at 1080. And then I’ll plug it into TV just to fix that little error. If you have a true 4k TV, it will work and if you have a true TV, it will work too. It’s just because mine’s not our true 4k, so it’s trying to give me the best 4k settings, and it can when I have that on, because the TV won’t support it. So yeah, if you guys are having that issue with them and not supporting that. Just try that method I just showed you hopefully it works and if it did, subscribe and we’ll catch you guys in the next one.

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