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Complete Guide To Set up and Activate Roku TV or Streaming Stick

What is Roku and how to install it? – In simple words, Roku allows people to watch video content, both paid and free on their TVs via the world wide web. Users can simply live stream videos from Hulu, Sling TV, YouTube, Amazon, Netflix and many more by downloading the apps on to the Roku device just like how they download applications on their mobile devices. Roku allows us to stream both prerecorded and live videos. When Roku emerged in 2008, Netflix was the only option for live streaming. But in the recent days, the Internet TV has become incredibly popular. This means, there is one a small amount of content that can’t be streamed with the Roku device.

Roku provides users with different set-top streaming boxes such as Roku Ultra, Roku Express. Roku Express+, Roku Premiere and Roku Premier+. When it comes to sticks, Roku offers Roku Streaming stick+ and Roku Streaming stick. Roku has flooded the market not only with a lot of streaming devices, but also several new functionalities in operating system of Roku. Moreover, two of the Roku devices can support HDR or High Dynamic Range videos on compatible Televisions. Simply put, this feature will improve the quality of the picture through enhance color ranges and brightness.

Roku activation process

Just before we activate Roku, we should first learn about Roku in detail. We already know that streaming devices like Roku can be used to live stream or stream prerecorded videos like music, TV series, YouTube shows and movies.
Also, Roku has partnered with MLB, Amazon video, Netflix, HBO Go, Spotify and many other brands. It has a user-friendly interface which is one of the biggest reasons behind Roku’s popularity.

Before you start up the process of activating your Roku Device with Roku com link, ensure that it is linked with your account. If you don’t have any account, then we can help your in creating one.

If you recently purchased Roku streaming or TV stick, you will be soon able to stream your favorite streaming channels like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu and many more. Today we are here with the quick guide to setup Roku Streaming Stick. So, without wasting time, let’s jump to the details to understand how to setup Roku TV stick.

What will you receive in the Box?

When you will receive the Roku streaming stick apart from remote or stick you will find a couple of more things in it like two batteries, a quick start guide, power code, and the Roku TV. To activate your Roku streaming stick, you need to visit  or and log in to your account to continue the process. After sign in you will see the “enter code” tab where you need to enter the activation code. Now you are ready to use all the streaming channels provided by Roku streaming stick on your Roku device.

How To Setup Roku through

To start Roku TV first you need to connect your Roku TV stick via the internet and a PC, tablet or mobile phone to follow the below stated steps:

  1. Power up Roku TV – To set up the device you need to connect the Roku TV with a power code and insert batteries in it which you will find in the Roku TV box. Make sure that you place batteries in the right position.
  2. Switch on your Roku TV – When you provide enough power to start TV streaming, it’s time to turn on the Roku TV.
  3. Select Preferred Language – Roku TV supports various languages, and at this point, you need to select your preferred languages. It offers users to select from English, Deutsch, Spanish, and French.
  4. Connect with your network  – To move to the next step, you need to provide Roku TV internet access. After selecting language at the next screen, you need to select with which network connection or internet connection you want to connect Roku TV. In case you can’t see your network connection then refresh or scan the network connections again.
  5. Provide wireless password – When you are done with choosing the network connection, you need to enter the password of the particular wireless connection. It will provide full internet access to the device. Now you are ready to set up Roku TV.
  6. Download the software’s – When your Roku TV connected with the device, then it will automatically start downloading software’s which are required to use the device.
  7. Activate Roku Through – Activate your Roku by entering on your internet browser utilizing a workstation, tablet, or a cell phone. You will see a screen that expects you to enter the activation code appearing on your screen TV.
  8. Enter Payment Mode – Before start using, you need to save your payment mode. After saving the payment option, you can move to the next step.
  9. Add Favorite channels – Finally, it’s time to add your favorite channels from a wide range of channels. You don’t need to add all channels initially; you can change your preferences anytime and change channels anytime.
  10. That’s it your Roku TV is all set to provide you endless entertainment which you never experienced before.

Additional settings for Roku TVs

In addition to the above steps to setup Roku TV, there are some additional settings required so that you can use it with the home theater if you want to. The following are various steps which you should follow to do additional settings to setup Roku TV or streaming stick:

  1. If you want to setup your Roku TV for home theater then you need to select Set up for home use option from the settings of the Roku TV. Along with the mode, you can also change the TV’s light output, contrast, and color settings.
  2. Now you can connect your device like speakers or woofers, DVD players, VCR, Gaming console, etc. anytime with the Roku TV.
  3. Turn on your device, so that Roku TV can detect it and proceed with the next step.
  4. To make your device recognizable for Roku TV all the time, assign input names to the devices with the help of Set Custom name option.

After setting input names, you are all set to use external devices with Roku TV. You can explore all the streaming contents of the Roku offers to their customers.